It is certainly a good idea to listen hard and take immediate action if you’re an Arkansas resident who, while in the process of being arrested, hears the terms misdemeanor and felony being bandied about by law enforcement officials.

Here’s why: If an alleged offense is charged as a misdemeanor, conviction might result in a small fine, probation and the imposition of community service. If that same offense is termed a felony, though, conviction could bring a lengthy prison term and stringent post-release conditions. Moreover, a person having a felony record can face life-long challenges in securing meaningful employment, in participating in community life, in establishing eligibility for a number of benefit programs, and in other areas.

The important distinctions between misdemeanors and felonies render it imperative for any person accused of a crime to timely obtain knowledgeable and aggressive legal representation.

The role of a proven criminal defense attorney in safeguarding the rights of a person accused of criminal activity is evident and broad-based from the moment an arrest is made. In some situations, an effective legal defense can result in the dropping of all charges against an individual. In other cases, an experienced lawyer’s ability to mitigate the consequences of a criminal allegation by negotiating with prosecutors to reduce charges can bring about a far more salutary result than might have otherwise been the case.

A strong legal defense will always examine every aspect of an allegation and criminal charge, being fully focused upon important considerations that include probable cause, search and seizure, interrogation processes, evidence examination and more.

The American justice system deems it an imperative that any person facing a criminal charge in Arkansas or anywhere else in the United States is entitled to that protection.