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Divorce can be instructive in fundamentally positive ways

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce

For many of our readers in Arkansas and elsewhere who went through the divorce process and found themselves revitalized and hopeful in its aftermath, the comments of one divorce survivor summarized below won’t come as much of a surprise.

Conversely, and for some never-divorced individuals, some of what follows might indeed be a bit surprising, even illuminating.

A base assumption of many people is that divorce is flatly and uniformly a negative experience and not something to be endured.

Although that assessment certainly rings true in select cases, divorce can spell a process and outcome that is far different — and much more positive — in many other instances.

In fact, there is certainly no dearth of information indicating that millions of divorced people have continued their lives following marital dissolution with more purpose and hope than they harbored during marriage.

That is the basic take of a writer and divorced mom in an article discussing post-divorce life.

One primary takeaway for her is that the divorce process can truly underscore the resilience in a person that might simply have been muted or submerged for years. Divorce negotiations sometimes require a participant to stand strong, to be assertive, to speak truths and push for equitable results.

Those behaviors can breed confidence, which can in turn be an exceedingly valuable commodity for any person embarking on a new life following execution of a divorce settlement.

Divorce can of course impart other things, as well, such as knowledge that challenges can be faced and overcome, that positivism is a valuable trait and that failures aren’t permanently deflating.

Questions or concerns regarding divorce can be directed to an experienced and client-empathetic family law attorney.


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