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Divorce and bankruptcy: often an interweaving of concerns

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Firm News, Personal Bankruptcy

Although there are of course many catalysts that can fuel marriage-related problems and ultimately lead to divorce, myriad studies supported by a veritable avalanche of anecdotal data indicate that money problems are at the heart of many divorce filings.

That is certainly not surprising, either in Arkansas or any other state in the country. Financial challenges can be great stressors in a marriage. Differences in attitudes toward spending and consumption can put a wedge between couples, making necessary communication difficult. Spiraling credit card debt can cause arguments. Foreclosure fears can actually cause sickness.

It is ironic that many couples believe such problems will either instantly dissipate or largely wither away following divorce. In fact, they often persist and sometimes become even larger for one or both divorcing spouses.

Here’s an example. One ex-partner who is tasked to pay a large amount of marital debt following divorce might suddenly be tasked additionally with payment duties regarding child support and spousal maintenance.

At the Little Rock-based Robertson Law Firm, PLLC, we are well aware that there can often be a close nexus between divorce and debt-related difficulties, and we employ all our experience and client empathy to help many individuals in a comprehensive manner.

On the Bankruptcy and Divorce page of our firm’s website, for example, we note the many ways that a divorce can impact the financial security of a husband or wife. Given that, we discuss the possibility of bankruptcy as a viable strategy/option for a divorced person to shed insuperable debt and regain firm financial traction coming out of a divorce.

We are proud to help divorcing clients facing financial challenges, and we feel well poised to do so owing to our firm’s multi-prong practice that focuses upon both family law and debt-relief assistance.

We welcome close scrutiny and contact from any Arkansas resident with divorce- or bankruptcy-related questions.


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