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Respond purposefully, proactively to traffic tickets in Arkansas

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2014 | Firm News

Many people stopped for traffic offenses in and around Little Rock and throughout other parts of Arkansas might have an understated reaction following receipt of a ticket for a moving violation.

In regarding their ticket, terms like “trivial” or “insignificant” might come to mind. After all, and notwithstanding that some amount of money likely needs to come out of the wallet to satisfy state authorities, it’s just a ticket, right?

Well, that’s obviously true, of course, but adverse consequences that are far from trivial can often attach to a traffic offense and resulting ticket in Arkansas.

Consider at the outset that an offense like excessive speeding or reckless driving can bring both a hefty monetary penalty and points being assessed on a state driver’s license. Those points tack on cumulatively for multiple offenses and can render insurance premiums a real headache.

Then, too, there is often the necessity for a ticket recipient to take time off from work to attend a court hearing, Additional costs can also attach to that.

And it’s a whole new ballgame in Arkansas if you happen to drive for a living, holding a commercial driver’s license. A commercial driver receiving one or more tickets can suddenly find his or her livelihood to be jeopardized by a license suspension.

It simply pays both figuratively and literally to take a traffic ticket seriously in Arkansas and respond purposefully and proactively to reduce the consequences to the fullest extent possible.

At Robertson Law Firm PLLC, we advocate knowledgeably and with passion on behalf of clients dealing with ticket-related offenses. We invite your online scrutiny of our firm at our Little Rock Traffic Ticket Lawyers page.


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