An ongoing scourge in the debt collection industry: rogue actors

| Dec 3, 2014 | Debt Relief, Firm News

The term that comes across as centrally relevant in a recent media report on the debt collection industry is “hounding.”

That is just one depiction of debt collectors pursuing payment on money allegedly owed by debtors, especially for medical services received.

There is no way to overstate that medical debt is a truly big deal everywhere across the United States, including in Arkansas.

In fact, and as noted in a government report on the debt collection industry, Americans are pointing to debt collection activities as being essentially out of control and flatly illegal in many instances, with special concern attaching to medical debt collections.

The problem is especially large for America’s seniors, a comparatively vulnerable demographic for many reasons. In the above-noted report, The national Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) states that older Americans are being plagued by aggressive collection tactics that clearly stray outside the bounds of what constitutes lawful behavior.

Here’s one example. Reportedly, some collectors are pushing elderly persons for repayment of debts that were owed by family members who are no longer living.

Here’s another troubling behavior. Collectors are threatening to garnish federal benefits like Social Security retirement checks, Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income payments. Ordinarily, those benefits are flatly off limits to collectors through garnishment.

The debt collection industry is subject to a number of rules and regulations that define the limits of lawful behavior and that provide for remedies against unlawful activities, such as harassing contacts and illegal threats.

An experienced debt relief lawyer can provide further information and diligent representation to any debtor seeking to take action against unlawful collection behavior.


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