As we note on our website, white collar crime is increasingly becoming a focus of state and federal investigators and prosecutors these days.

Although the reasons for that are several, a fundamental catalyst has been the many financially related scandals connected to the so-called Great Recession of recent years.

Many of our readers in Arkansas and elsewhere likely recollect with great clarity the phenomenal housing collapse that commenced just a few short years ago. Many of the adverse effects associated with that debacle are still being felt, with high numbers of homeowners continuing to grapple with underwater mortgages and foreclosures. Bank and mortgage fraud have been alleged in many instances.

The securities industries, too, has experienced adverse fallout to a pronounced degree, with officials in the criminal justice system targeting many persons for alleged involvement in wide-ranging white collar crime activities. Those range from insider trading to accounting fraud.

In fact, white collar charges can encompass a broad universe of concerns. In addition to those cited above, employees in myriad business enterprises have been ensnared in investigations focused upon identity theft, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, embezzlement and additional matters.

Media stories have made it notably clear that mid-level business functionaries are often primary targets in white collar fraud investigations.

Many of those accounts also note the harsh outcomes that can befall persons convicted of white collar crimes, as well as the fact that innocent people can sometimes become targets of investigate probes.

The belief that a white collar-related criminal charge is a lesser concern than is the case with many other types of criminal allegations is often far off the mark. Conviction on such a charge can result in a lengthy prison term and a demand for repayment to alleged victims (called restitution), as well as damage to one’s reputation to a marked degree.

We fully appreciate that at the Roberson Law Firm, with our attorneys being centrally focused upon providing the strong and impassioned legal representation urgently required by white collar criminal defendants.

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