Divorce does not always have to be a battle. Sometimes, a divorce can take a long time and be more stressful and heartbreaking than it needs to be.

Because they do not want to go through an ugly, drawn-out process, many Arkansas couples opt for an uncontested divorce. If the spouses are amenable, uncontested divorce can save them time and expenses.

However, not every couple can do this. The spouses must agree on all major questions, such as child custody, division of property and alimony.

This may be easier for couples without children or significant assets. The less they have, the less there is to fight over. In theory, anyone can file for an uncontested divorce, though there are exceptions in some states when children are involved. But the more complex the couple’s circumstances, the more likely it is that the parties will not be able to negotiate terms that satisfy both sides.

Plus, even the most amicable divorces likely cause some pain and resentment to at least one of the parties. If the spouses cannot work together, the process will not work.

Divorce can be painful and difficult, but hopefully at the end of the process, each party has a fair share of the assets, time with their children and are able to start living the rest of their lives. Whether that process includes an uncontested divorce or not likely depends on each couple’s particular circumstances. A talk with a divorce attorney can help clarify your options for achieving the best possible result.