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For some divorcing parties, bankruptcy can be a viable option

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2014 | Firm News, Personal Bankruptcy

Here’s a scenario relating to the divorce process that is far from being atypical in Arkansas or anywhere else in the country. Some readers might find it closely reminiscent of circumstances they are currently facing and thus highly relevant to their personal situation.

Divorce is on the books for you and your spouse. You have tried hard to make your marriage work, but know flatly after many such attempts that reconciliation is just not in the cards.

As you and your spouse engage the divorce process, it becomes readily apparent to you that living alone following the end of your marriage is going to be financially straining to a marked degree.

In fact, it might seem to be impossible, given the single source of income post-divorce that must square off against a host of payment duties previously dealt with by two incomes.

The above depiction is far from being a mere hypothetical for many divorcing spouses. Dealing with financial obligations in suddenly limited fashion following a marital dissolution is a natural post-divorce outcome for many divorcing parties, and it can be more than scary — in fact, it can break the bank.

Filing for bankruptcy can present itself as a viable option at such a time. This well-recognized and longstanding legal remedy to stark financial challenges has availed many Americans in hard times, including ex-spouses who are struggling mightily following divorce.

With multiple offices throughout Arkansas, Robertson Law Firm helps clients across the state carefully evaluate the viability of a bankruptcy filing following divorce. Although some people might ultimately determine that other options can better serve their goals, bankruptcy is a legal tool that helps many hard-pressed debtors — including many divorced parties — gain financial traction and a fresh start.

Our debt relief attorneys can provide candid and knowledgeable advice to any Arkansas resident seeking to know more about bankruptcy and the benefits it can confer in a given case.


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