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Sex-crime charge: serious matter requiring thorough investigation

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2014 | Firm News

Celebrity-tinged media stories often offer up nothing more than voyeuristic glimpses into lives that millions of people simply find fascinating. They are often mere tabloid fodder that conveys little, if anything , of substance, merely presenting provocative — and frequently banal — information that is intended to do nothing more than drive sales at checkout counters.

Occasionally, though, a media tale that places some aspect of a celebrity’s personal life under a spotlight does serve a bona-fide public purpose, such as informing a mass audience about news that is truly important.

Even without citing the names of any celebrities, many of our readers in Arkansas and elsewhere can likely recall without much effort recent stories involving high-profile individuals that placed a strong spotlight on domestic violence and drunk driving.

The individuals’ role in such incidents is of course newsworthy. So, too, though, is the attendant focus placed on matters that affect the public in a serious way.

A recent hacking incident that resulted in the nude photos of several well-known entertainers being publicly leaked buttresses that point. One media story reporting the incident notes the comment of one actress whose photos were leaked that she was the victim of a “sex crime.”

At Robertson Law Firm PLLC, we are sensitive to that comment and truly commiserate with any victim of crime.

At the same time, though, and especially in the realm of alleged sex crimes, we know how imperative it is to withhold judgment on the critically important issues of guilt and innocence. Sex-crime charges are often volatile, with public opinion often forming even prior to an objective weighing of allegations.

In any case involving an alleged sex crime, it is flatly imperative that an impartial investigation be completed and that all relevant facts be duly considered before any judgment is pronounced.

Falling short in that endeavor equates to a miscarriage of justice. We know that to be true at our Little Rock-based law firm, and we thus approach our criminal defense tasks with utmost seriousness and pride in the role that we centrally play in promoting just legal outcomes.

For information about our firm and the work we do on behalf of persons charged with sex-related offenses, please visit our Arkansas Sex Crimes page.


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