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Looking for signs of a growing debt problem? Here are some

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2014 | Debt Relief, Firm News

Perhaps you are a person strongly possessed with financial acumen that enables you to consistently save for the future and avoid landmines in the present.

In other words, you run a tight financial ship, watch your spending like a hawk and routinely do a rigorous cost-benefit analysis prior to every potential purchase.

Those personal attributes undoubtedly hold you in good stead, allow you to sleep securely at night and likely make you the envy of many friends and neighbors.

They also render you somewhat of an anomaly, given data indicating that far too few Americans save at all. One estimate from an online financial publication posits that about 17 percent of consumers across the country have no emergency savings at all. Close to one-quarter of respondents in one notable survey indicated that, while they do have some cash on hand, it would likely run out within a month.

Such statistical evidence certainly points to the strong need of many Americans to cut back on debt while simultaneously feeding their savings coffers.

How can they best do that to avoid serious financial difficulties? In other words, are there troublesome signs that prominently signal a need to change spending/savings habits without delay?

Unsurprisingly, there are.

Here’s an obvious one: not being able to come up immediately with a ballpark figure on what you owe on your credit cards

Here’s another: seeing that your credit card score is several hundred points below the maximum of 850.

There are many other harbingers of a leaky financial ship. Many people living with money stress can’t make car payments. They routinely overdraw on their savings accounts. They apply for additional credit when they realize that they’re tapped out on their current cards and loans.

And, of course, a call from one or more creditors is a telling sign that some immediate financial adjustments are in strong order.

A consumer facing undue money pressures might want to consider consulting with a proven debt relief attorney, who can offer suggestions and provide strong legal assistance that can promote solvency and a fresh financial start.


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