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Focus: parameters, purpose of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Firm News, Military Divorce

We noted in a recent blog post that, notwithstanding some similarities that mark both civilian and military divorces, the latter can be readily differentiated in several respects.

In our entry dated September 11, we noted for example the singular issue of deployment in remote locations that has been the reality for many thousands of servicemembers over the past decade and more. As we stated in that post, lengthy employment abroad — often in areas of conflict — “can have repercussions for custody and support outcomes.”

It can also have consequences in many other areas. Consider, for example, how difficult it might be for an active-duty or reservist military member on an extended deployment to deal in a timely and effective manner with outstanding credit card debt, issues relating to an installment contract, mortgage payments and additional matters.

Such things are often difficult to deal with for someone in Arkansas or elsewhere even when he or she is physically present for hearings or meetings and can communicate directly with concerned parties.

It is not hard to imagine how much more difficult it is to stay abreast of important obligations in the United States for a servicemember who is stationed in Afghanistan or is working aboard a ship somewhere in the Persian Gulf.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act acknowledges those hardships and provides various protections for military members, especially those far removed from their families while serving their country.

Among other things, the legislation enables servicemembers to postpone or suspend certain family law obligations, such as civil judicial proceedings involving custody and support matters.

In Arkansas, a proven Little Rock divorce attorney with experience representing military clients can answer questions about the SCRA and its utility across a wide spectrum of family law concerns.


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