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Can a civilian attorney represent me well in my military divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Firm News, Military Divorce

Arkansas is home to a number of active duty military members, who serve their country both within the state and in installations across the world.

Military families are no different from their civilian counterparts in experiencing domestic stresses that can sometimes lead to marital fissures and a decision to seek a divorce.

In such an instance, it is likely for some would-be divorcing parties to query whether they can be adequately represented in a military divorce by a civilian attorney. Such a thought might logically arise owing to singular factors that can emerge in a military decoupling that simply do not exist in civilian divorces.

Like deployment-related issues, for example, which can have repercussions for custody and support outcomes. Like asset distribution that contemplates a division of military benefits, which can be a complex matter.

In fact, military divorce can feature many service-related factors that simply lack in the civilian world. It is of vital — and obvious — importance that an attorney with demonstrated acumen in military family law matters and a proven record of helping military divorce clients be firmly on board during dissolution proceedings.

And, yes, that attorney can be a civilian professional. The “civilian” status of hired legal counsel is irrelevant in a divorce matter. What fundamentally matters is the experience such an attorney brings to bear, coupled with his or her client empathy and passion that focuses unstintingly on a client’s best interests.

Relevant information about the services that a proven military divorce attorney can provide can be obtained from an Arkansas online family law resource page. As is true with any divorce, a logical first step for a party with questions or concerns is to have a candid and confidential consultation with experienced legal counsel.


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