Some divorces are writ large in the sense that the assets involved are of comparatively immense magnitude.

That is, negotiations in some dissolutions are centered on pricey real estate, numerous vehicles, high-priced jewelry and art, perhaps a family business and additional assets.

Where division of assets is complex and decidedly high value, things can understandably become complex and require the close input and scrutiny of an attorney experienced in high net worth divorce matters.

What will emerge as immediately important are things like the identification of property, its accurate valuation and, in some instances, evidence that some assets are being inappropriately hidden.

That latter point can often feature in instances where truly wealthy individuals seek to shelter assets in various trusts, retirement accounts and investment vehicles.

Some of our readers in Arkansas and elsewhere might logically be interested in the details recently emerging in the divorce of Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev and his former wife Elena.

In the world of high-asset decouplings, the dissolution of the so-called “Russian oligarch” and his ex could ultimately end up at the top of the all-time list of expensive divorces.

Although further appeals seem certain on the matter, what is presently known is that a Swiss court recently ordered Rybolovlev to fork over a cash payment exceeding $4.5 billion to his former partner.

That is obviously a figure that only very few people on earth can relate to.

And there is more to chew on. In addition to that mandated requirement, Elena was awarded nearly $150 million in property in Switzerland.

Although the specifics of the Rybolovlev divorce might be unique, its general considerations are no different from what exists for any high-asset divorce.

As always, experienced and focused attorneys must employ proven acumen in identifying and valuing assets and working tirelessly to promote the best interests of their clients.

In Arkansas, a Little Rock high net worth divorce attorney can answer questions and advocate diligently on behalf of a family law client.

Source: Huffington Post, “Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev’s $4.5 billion divorce could be the most expensive in history,” John Heilprin, May 19, 2014