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Reality for many divorced, remarried couples: the blended family

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2014 | Child Custody, Firm News

The blended family is a subject that many Americans know much about, with such family units often being centrally marked by resiliency, strongly forged bonds and enduring love.

Indeed, and as evidenced by the stories that millions of divorced and remarried couples with children have told, newly formed families that have emerged in the wake of divorces are frequently stronger and more stable than was the case the first time around.

Obviously, there can be many reasons for that. For starters, moms and dads who are loving and committed parents notwithstanding their earlier failed marriage often focus on that commitment even more intently in a subsequent marriage. Many couples learn hard lessons in a divorce that they apply to great and salutary effect when they meet and marry new partners.

And, often, those new spouses bring children and the same sense of love and responsibility to a newly forged family.

Thus, many blended families are benefited by the application of learned knowledge that is highly important for family success going forward.

That can be especially key when child custody is shared. Obviously, there can be an added level of complexity to custody and parenting plans when four parents are involved and children from separate marriages now all live together.

Unexpectedly, tales of such families often seem marked by adventure and a good deal of frenetic activity. As noted by a contributor in a recent Huffington Post piece, though, establishing a new family following divorce can be “the most rewarding” experience in life.

A few family traits go far toward ensuring success in a blended family. Acknowledging the inevitable stress that does crop up, and then purposefully dealing with it in positive ways, is vital. So, too, is having at least a civil relationship with former spouses, given that everyone needs to be in some accord on how to raise the kids.

As the Huffington article notes, keeping the children’s best interests front and center is the litmus test to keep in mind and apply in most matters involving blended families.

Judging from the high number of success stories regarding blended families, many couples in Arkansas and nationally are routinely doing that.

Source: Huffington Post, “Why being part of a blended family is ‘the best of both worlds,'” Brittany Wong, June 20, 2014


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