Has one of your friends or neighbors informed you this month that he or she has decided to go ahead with divorce plans? Have you perhaps opted to purposefully move forward with plans to end your marriage, after waiting through the holidays before deciding to act?

In Arkansas and nationally, note demographers who study such things, the level of divorce-related activity that essentially existed at a dampened pace over the recent holiday season is picking up, just as it invariably does this time each year.

There are reasons for that. November and December are centrally marked, of course, by major holidays and what are for many families special times of the year. For many Americans, the Thanksgiving break and year-end holiday season are not times to rock the family boat.

“People don’t want to be accused by friends [and] family that they were heartless right before Christmas,” notes one divorce attorney.

Statistics on divorce strongly indicate that such sentiments evaporate — or are at least appreciably quelled — when the new calendar year is tacked up. One national analysis reveals that computer searches for divorce-related terms (think “child custody”) spike by about 50 percent from December to January.

That means that many people are thinking about divorce late in the year, even if they opt to delay the divorce process until after the holidays.

Filing in January or later in the spring — January’s spike is even more pronounced in March, given the time typically required to prepare for and finalize a divorce — makes sense for a lot of reasons. Taxes are often a simpler matter than is the case for December filers. Year-end money matters — especially bonuses — are in focus. Routine has largely returned regarding family matters, and acting on resolutions simply makes sense to many people seeking to make material changes at the beginning of a new year when the slate is clean.

An experienced Arkansas family law attorney with proven acumen in divorce matters can answer questions and fully promote a divorcing client’s best interests.

Source: CNN, “In January, ‘ex’ marks the spot,” Sarah LeTrent, Jan. 17, 2014