When most parents in Conway separate or divorce, they work together to come up with a child custody agreement that is good for both the child and respects’ both parents’ wishes to remain in the child’s life. This is not always the case, of course, but most child custody agreements try to give both the mother and father time to parent the child.

Sometimes, however, one parent has very few rights and the child spends all of his or her time with the other parent or a guardian. In those situations, a parent may try to ask the court to change the custody agreement to a more equal distribution of parenting time. Modifying an agreement takes work and considerable legal skill, but it is the only appropriate way to get more official parenting time.

Unfortunately, some parents won’t wait for an official modification from the court. Instead, they would rather take matters into their own hands, but this can quickly get them in trouble with the law. For a 25-year-old mother from New Mexico, she is no facing a Class D felony for taking her child from his grandparents’ home in Arkansas. The grandparents have custody of the 5-year-old boy.

It is unknown why the mother didn’t have custody over her child or what parental rights she may still retain, but by stealing him instead of asking for a modiciation of custody, she not only has gotten herself in serious trouble, but now she may never be able to convince a judge to grant her greater custodial rights.

Source: 5 News, “Missing 5-Year-Old Boy Returns To Arkansas After Mom’s Arrest,” Larry Henry and Shain Bergan, Oct. 11, 2013