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October 2013 Archives

Northwest Arkansas man receives 40 years for drug trafficking

Earlier this year, the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Obama Administration was interested in reducing the number of nonviolent drug offenders in prison and creating fairer drug sentences. As it is, federal sentencing laws really restrict what kind of leeway a judge has when sentencing someone. Even if the individual has no criminal record or was extremely cooperative during the trial, a judge may still have to sentence him or her to a long time in prison. The federal government's move to change that signaled a step forward in federal sentencing.

When the law doesn't have an answer, lawyers must be creative

Even though Arkansas has yet to recognize same-sex marriage or really any other kind of formalized relationship between same-sex partners, that doesn't mean that men and women in Arkansas are not entering into these kinds of relationships. There are many men and women living happily in same-sex relationships, some of whom are also raising families, but, like with different-sex relationships, nothing is guaranteed to last forever.

For those who need it: Suze Orman recommends bankruptcy

There are some people who will argue that filing for bankruptcy is the worst thing anyone could do. There are others who look at those who file for bankruptcy as being irresponsible. For financial professionals like Suze Orman, however, filing for bankruptcy is the responsible and sensible thing to do when someone is truly overwhelmed by debt.

Planning a marriage? Make sure you don't forget your finances

Getting married is supposed to be a joyous time in a couple's life. Often, it can be stressful planning for a wedding, making sure nothing gets forgotten in the lead up to the ceremony and celebration, but it is still a happy time for most couples. With all of those emotions, plans and details to worry about, however, many couples may forget to discuss their finances and what it will mean to be married. Though some couples think it is fine to wait until after the wedding is over, finances are really something that should be talked about before marriage.

Teenager in hot water with school after picking up drunk friend

It should be no shock to parents in Maumelle that some teenagers drink alcohol. While it is considered a crime, many parents and community members may think the consequences of an underage drinking conviction are relatively small. In some cases, the consequences are minor, but in others a teen can really suffer. And sometimes, it is not the criminal justice system, but the child's school district that will use the most severe of punishments.

Some states lag behind in protection for asset, property seizure

When families are falling behind on bills, it may not be long before debt collectors make efforts to force repayment. Filing for personal bankruptcy should cause collection attempts to stop, but eventually creditors may be able to stake claims to a person's assets and property. Consumers should know, however, that state and federal laws prevent creditors from taking everything a person owns.

Court allows nonbiological, surrogate mother to pursue custody

Over the last few months, a number of important developments in terms of rights for same-sex couples have occurred. As it currently stands, however, Arkansas state law only recognizes marriage between opposite-sex couples, which may leave a number of families feeling like their legal options are limited.

Arrested and no conviction can still cause trouble with work

It is probably quite obvious to most people in Arkansas that a criminal record may hinder a person's chances of getting a job. When employers perform a background check, they are looking to see whether there may be any risks in hiring someone based off of any mistakes they may have made in the past. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't even matter if someone has been charged, if he or she has been arrested there could be problems with passing background checks, too.

The role child custody plays in college financial aid

For the parents of Little Rock's high-school seniors, college may seem right around the corner. Although school only recently started, seniors will need to start applying for school and parents will need to take a hard look at their budgets to see how they will be able to help with school. For single parents, that may be even harder with only one income, which is why most parents turn to financial aid. The question is, however, which parent's income is included if they have joint custody?

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