For most people in Stone County, a divorce may be hard, but it doesn’t need to take 10 years or longer to be over. Anyone whose marriage was ended by infidelity may be incredibly emotional, but even the most extreme emotions generally get pushed aside slightly when it comes time for a divorce. Usually, lawyers will funnel a client’s emotions into a complex divorce matter, trying to focus on what the client truly needs. What happens, however, when former couples just can’t put their differences aside and come to an agreement?

A former husband and wife from outside Arkansas appear to have spent the past 10 years fighting and have still not come closer to ending their divorce proceedings. While the divorce has been granted and the mother has remarried, that doesn’t mean the long, lengthy and expensive divorce battle doesn’t show signs of ending any time soon.

While many of us in Arkansas likely think a divorce lawyer’s only job is to end a marriage, lawyers should also advise clients on how to make good decisions in a divorce. This means, in part, speaking out about elongating an already long process.

The man in this divorce has also accused the woman of trying to turn the children against him. He lives out of the country and says he has not seen his children in the past four years. His former wife, on the other hand, has said that he has been granted visitation time but he hasn’t taken advantage of it.


Source: USA Today, “No end in sight for 10-year-old divorce case,” Dave Collins, Sept. 8, 2013