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August 2013 Archives

Sinbad's bankruptcy comes from business expenses

At one point in time, many people in Maumelle may have thought that bankruptcy was only for those people who were dirt poor. Maybe they didn't have jobs or maybe they were only paid minimum wage, but the fact was that someone who made $16,000 a month would not file for bankruptcy. While that may have been the case once, it is no longer. There are many people who, because of a variety of reasons, must declare bankruptcy even among the highest tax brackets.

Murdoch divorce raises questions of weak prenuptial agreements

High-asset divorces in Little Rock can be difficult, not only because of the high emotions, but becuase of the complexity of dividing marital assets. Under Arkansas law, property must be divided equitably, but this does not mean that each spouse will get exactly half of the marital property. Some people recognize that how the court intereprets an equitable division may not be how the couple sees it and, thus, they turn to prenuptial agreements to specify how property will be divided in the event of divorce.

Arkansas man arrested for being in car with woman carrying drugs

When someone is arrested in Arkansas, he or she enters the criminal justice system, a system which is supposed to give everyone a fair trial. The problem is, however, that prosecutors and police are pressured into heavily prosecuting certain crimes, which is why Arkansas is in a war on drugs. In order to protect their rights, many defendants turn to criminal defense lawyers to help them through the criminal justice system.

Brendan Fraser files paperwork to change alimony payments

For quite a long time now, actor Brendan Fraser has been showing up in the movies. While he hasn't acheived the star status of some of Hollywood's elite, he has been consistently working and is expected to be in even more movies released later this year and the next. So, with that in mind, many people in Cleburne County may wonder how it is that he cannot afford the alimony payments he has been ordered to pay his ex-wife. His ex-wife is wondering the same thing, alleging that Fraser must be lying about his income.

Study correlating siblings and divorce needs to be repeated

A new study that was presented at the American Sociological Association earlier this week may have peaked Faulkner County residents' interests: people with more siblings are less likely to get a divorce. Although the study indicates that each additional sibling could reduce the likelihood of divorce by 2 percent, other reserachers are hesitatnt to believe the data to be definitive. Others have called for researchers to duplicate the study and their results.

Attorney General sues lenders for violating payday lending

Although this story comes from Georgia, not Arkansas, it is still an important reminder of how payday lending can quickly turn into debt and serious trouble. And, since Arkansas made all payday lending illegal nearly five years ago, a lawsuit by the state attorney general may be an effective way of combating the risky financial activity here, too.

Questions arise surrounding new Arkansas saliva-test law

Most people in Pulaski County know that if police stop you on suspicion of drunk driving that they may ask for a breath, blood or urine test. These tests are supposed to tell police officers what your blood-alcohol concentration is. If it is over 0.08, you may be charged with driving while intoxicated. What may be surprising for drivers in Little Rock, however, is that police may now use a saliva test to check for alcohol in the blood.

The battle over styles may send couples to court

For anyone in Little Rock who is thinking of renovating his or her house, it may come as a surprise at just how stressful it can be. Even for those people who live alone, the costs of renovations, the stress of discovering just how much must be done and the intrusive nature of trying to remodel is enough to leave even the most centered of people at their wits end. It may not be too surprising then that 12 percent of couples have considered divorce during a home rennovation.

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