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It is important to know your rights (and limits) in child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Child Custody, Firm News

Child custody is one of the most important aspects of divorce for most Arkansas parents, but if you don’t know what your rights are and where those rights end, you could find yourself in big trouble. In most child custody cases, parents will receive joint custody. Some parents, in an effort to get sole custody, will try to sabotage the other parent in court, yet that is almost always destined to backfire.

While most people going through a divorce and child custody dispute in Little Rock are experiencing this process for the first time, the family court judges who are making the ultimate decisions have seen practically everything possible during a divorce. When a parent thinks that he or she can use the legal system to try to get his or her way, especially at the expense of the other parent, he or she may find him- or herself in trouble.

In order to avoid this trouble, which could include losing some very important child custody rights, it is important to know what your rights are in court. Working with a lawyer, especially a lawyer who is experienced with family law issues, is one of the best ways to know what is and is not advisable during a divorce and child custody dispute. A lawyer can also explain what is permissible under Arkansas law, so that a parent doesn’t get disappointed if something doesn’t work out as he or she wanted.

There is no doubt that divorce is emotional and that many parents are unhappy that they will have to share custody of their children, but trying to be veneful in court could strip a parent of most or all of his or her custodial rights.

Source: The Huffington Post, “The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce,” Michelle Rozen, July 24, 2013


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