Ending a marriage is emotional, that goes without saying. Oftentimes people who decide to get a divorce in Little Rock are left with a feeling of grief, whether large or small, about the end of their relationships. Some people, however, are starting to throw divorce parties to help themselves get over that grief. In some cases, the divorce party symbolizes the freedom that comes with being out of a difficult marriage.

Regardless of why someone chooses to hold a divorce party, some relationship therapists see divorce parties as cathartic. The party can serve as a way for newly-single men and women to do some of the things that their partners never would have approved of. They can also be a way to enjoy oneself after the emotionally taxing divorce process.

Therapists urge people thinking of divorce parties, however, not to use them as a way to express vengeful behavior or to skip mourning the end of the relationship.

There are some other things to keep in mind while having a divorce party, including banning children from the party. No matter the age of the children, a divorce is still the end of the children’s parents’ marriage; it is not appropriate to include them in the celebration. It may also be emotionally satisfying to burn something symbolic, such as a copy of the marriage license.

While the assumption is that divorce is an extremely depressing event, it is more accurate to say that both former spouses are experiencing a range of emotions. There will be moments of grief, but also moments of joy and freedom. For some people in Little Rock, the best way to capture those emotions is to celebrate with friends at a divorce party.

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