Single parents in Lonoke know that child support is important. After a divorce, one parent will have primary custody of the child and, thus, will be named the custodial parent. Noncustodial parents in Arkansas, however, must make sure that they are still helping to share the costs of raising their children by providing child support. However much noncustodial parents may lambast the child support program, that money is used for their children’s best interests.

More often than not, custodial parents will have trouble receiving all or any child support from the fathers or mothers of their children, meaning that they must be the sole providers for the children. This can be particularly problematic, as raising a child on a single income can be quite difficult. One mother, however, has brought her daughter’s father to court, alleging that his claims of impoverishment are false. Her proof: Facebook.

This child support case has turned into a felony criminal action after a picture was found of him with holding a large amount of cash. The picture was ostensibly posted by the father, but he is claiming that it is not his money. He has been reticent to say whose money it was, but he argues that he was “just taking [his] picture with it.”

Another picture is of a painting of the father in front of Buckingham Palace, which may mean that he had sufficient money to fly to the United Kingdom. The father, however, insists that he is poor and cannot afford his court-ordered child support payments.

Source: WISN, “Facebook page at center of child-support case,” Dec. 10, 2012

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