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What Is A Deficiency Judgment?


Choosing to accept foreclosure may be riskier than you might think, because of deficiency judgment laws. Deficiency judgments are a nasty byproduct of foreclosure in which the bank is owed more money than a property is worth.

When a lender is not able to sell a foreclosed property for the amount owed on it, the lender can sue the former homeowner for the difference. If the lender wins at court, it gets what is called a deficiency judgment against the homeowner.

Deficiency judgments may also apply to car loans after vehicles are repossessed.

Should I Let My Home Go Into Foreclosure?

Some homeowners in Arkansas choose to let their loans go into default even if they can afford to keep making their payments. If you default on your mortgage payments and allow your home to go into foreclosure, it is referred to as strategic default. This can be risky since it exposes you to the possibility of a deficiency judgment.

Talk To An Attorney About Your Options First

If you owe your lender more than your home is worth, speak to an experienced Arkansas lawyer before you make any decisions or stop making your monthly payments.

At the law firm of Robertson, Oswalt, Nony & Associates, we help people like you understand their options. This allows them to choose the best possible course of action.

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