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 [GRAPHIC: Robertson Law Firm, PLLC, Lawyers You Can Depend On For Your Family’s Legal Needs, 501-537-4640,] [GRAPHIC: Bonnie Robertson, Owner/Attorney, Robertson Law Firm] Bonnie Robertson: At Robertson Law Firm, we do primarily family law, which includes custody, divorce, anything related to those issues, and criminal law. Even though we’re advocates for our clients and strong advocates for our clients, we make sure they understand that we’re centered around what’s gonna be good for their children. One point of emphasis at our law firm is that both parents should have equal access to the courts, both parents should have equal access to the children, and both parents should be treated equally by a judge. And we fight hard to make sure that that happens. You have to be aggressive if you’re gonna do criminal law defense. You have to be the person in there causing the trouble and making sure that everybody followed the roles, and that the prosecutor is held to his or her burden of proof. Your lawyer is really the only person who’s going to have access to the information needed to point out these flaws or these violations of the law, or these violations of the constitution. And as the advocate, you better be in there and be pretty tough. It means a lot that our clients go away and then sometimes come back to thank us, either through a card or flowers or other means. ‘Cause it reminds us that what we’re doing is affecting them positively, and that they really knew the whole time we were on their side, and we worked hard, and we really did our job for them. [GRAPHIC: Robertson Law Firm, PLLC, 501-537-4640,, 2101 Main Street, North Little Rock, AR 72114] [End of Audio]