Fighting For Victims Of Family Violence

Each year in America, millions of people, mostly women, become the victims of family violence (often called domestic violence). They come from all situations and walks of life, and most never expected it to happen to them. At Robertson, Oswalt and Associates, with two locations in North Little Rock and in Benton, Arkansas, we know that the pain of abuse is real, so we fight hard to make sure legal protections get put in place for you and your family.

Strong Lawyers Who Stand Up for You in Court

When times are tough and you are facing family violence, you need a strong advocate. You need someone to stand up for you in court, protecting your rights and telling your story. At the same time, you need an attorney who exercises common sense—someone who makes sure the course of action is right for your needs.

At Robertson, Oswalt and Associates, we are those attorneys. We are dedicated to protecting the victims of family violence. At our law firm, we help clients get temporary and permanent orders of protection for them and their children.

Our law firm is involved in victim advocacy for people experiencing family violence because we believe in our clients. We know that Arkansas family violence law can be confusing because, in domestic violence situations, there may be both civil and criminal cases that happen as a result of the same violent act. So, we help our clients understand Arkansas law and how they may be affected by it.

We also know that the system of family violence law in Arkansas law sometimes gets abused. Allegations of domestic abuse are sometimes made without being well-founded, often for the wrong reasons. If you are facing false allegations of domestic violence, contact Robertson, Oswalt and Associates for a strong defense.

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At Robertson, Oswalt and Associates, we help women and children with matters including family violence and juvenile law issues, like allegations of child abuse and child neglect. Contact us by calling 501-588-4451 to schedule a confidential consultation.