Bankruptcy Alternatives To Consider

Most people want to avoid filing bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many people attempt to avoid bankruptcy simply by ignoring the problem. They may review some alternatives to bankruptcy, but without a skilled professional on their side, they ultimately end up with the same debt load and the same struggle.

Just because you want to avoid bankruptcy does not mean you should avoid talking to an attorney. At Robertson, Oswalt and Associates, with consultations. This is your opportunity to talk to an attorney about bankruptcy and other debt relief solutions. Contact us today to schedule a meeting at our law office in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Know Your Debt Relief Options

Our lawyers will conduct a thorough analysis of your situation to help you understand all of your options. Many people come to us with questions about loan modification. Depending on the situation, modifying your mortgage or another loan may be beneficial. If it is a possibility, we will educate you about how to move forward with this step.

In some cases, debt can be resolved and bankruptcy can be avoided by addressing a discrepancy between income and expenses. For example, many people come to us because they have been threatened with foreclosure. Sometimes, foreclosure can be prevented and it may make sense to do so. Other times, the home simply does not match the person's current income level. By selling the home in a short sale and purchasing a different home that is within the person's means, long-term debt relief is achieved.

While we recognize that people want to avoid bankruptcy, we also believe that it is a valuable debt relief option. Many people fear bankruptcy because they do not understand it. If we believe that bankruptcy is truly the right option for you, we will recommend it, but only if it makes sense based on your financial situation.

Avoid Debt Consolidation Scams

You may have seen advertisements for debt consolidation companies that promise to help you gain control of your finances. Please recognize that these are typically not legal organizations. They do not have the strength of the law behind them, and many of them are not truly able to fulfill their promises. We encourage you to talk to us first.

Consultation About Bankruptcy Avoidance

To schedule a consultation about avoiding bankruptcy, call 501-588-4451 or contact us toll free at 866-311-3815. You may also contact us by email.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.