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Growing up wealthy: concerns regarding asset transfer, inheritances

Maybe you've got what you regard as relatively modest holdings, which you have worked long and hard for. You want to ensure that your assets are smartly handled in your estate plan, and in a manner that best promotes the interests and well-being of future generations.

A few estate planning considerations for same-sex couples

Although a progressive sense of certainty is attaching to many legal considerations relevant to same-sex couples in Arkansas and across the country, no reasonable person would ever contend that progress -- the march toward comprehensive recognition of same-sex rights and full equality for partners in that demographic under state and federal laws -- has been seamless and unremittingly steady.

What many Americans don't readily appreciate about estate planning

It's just for the comparatively older crowd. It's primarily -- if not exclusively -- applicable only to truly wealthy families. Yes, we've got kids, but not much of a personal stash, so there really doesn't seem much of a point to it.

Estate planning: nothing exceeds child-rearing outlays ... right?

Over time (that is, until your kids grow from babies to adults), nothing financially can remotely compete with the challenges you face in getting the young ones scrubbed up and ready to head out the door to college or the work world, right?

Can I disinherit my spouse in my will?

Readers of our blog will appreciate that we strongly support the position that everyone in Arkansas should have a will. It doesn't matter if you feel you have minimal assets or an expansive, complex estate, you want to be sure the value of your estate is properly assessed and that you create a plan for distributing that value to your heirs, according to your wishes.

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