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Seeking relief from overwhelming student loan debt

 Most people are all too familiar with student loan debt, often spending years of their adult lives paying it off. Unfortunately, the current economic climate, growing tuition costs and shortage of jobs for new graduates have resulted in many borrowers struggling to make regular payments. In fact, Americans owe nearly $1.4 trillion in outstanding student loans.

The biggest cause of U.S. bankruptcy is medical bills

When it comes to household spending in Arkansas and across the country, medical bills may top the chart. CNBC reports that health costs prevent 10 million Americans from paying for the basics like rent and food. Additionally, 15 million people are required to pay their medical bills by emptying their savings accounts. With costs so high, it is not surprising to find that in 2013, almost 1.7 million people lived in households that had declared medical-related bankruptcy.

Statute of limitations applied to student loan debt

If you watch any of the many crime dramas now available on television, you probably have heard the term statute of limitations used. What many in Arkansas may not know is that such statutes don't represent the window within which prosecutors can pursue a criminal case alone. A statute of limitations can also apply in civil matters, too.

EpiPen maker's price hike and discount offer an old ploy

If you are a person in Arkansas with severe allergies, the EpiPen is more than a nice-to-have thing. If you are a parent of a child who could go into anaphylactic shock after exposure to a peanut, the issue could be the difference between life and death.

Recovery from ID theft may involve physical and financial relief

Identity theft is becoming a good deal more common. It's not supposed to be easy to pull off in Arkansas, but it happens. In many ways, it's something of a race between the ne'er-do-wells committing the theft and consumers playing catch-up. The struggle to protect accounts with unbreakable passwords and personal identification numbers can be daunting. Failure can result in sudden trouble and a need for swift debt relief.

How do you explain a bankruptcy to potential employers?

Many Arkansans find that bankruptcy is the best way to get out from under their debt and get a fresh start on their financial future. Part of that fresh start may include finding a job or looking for a new job. However, with companies now often running credit checks on potential employees, what happens when they see the bankruptcy on your record? Can it prevent you from being hired?

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